Change the world, one child at a time …

Project Malasakit now has 15 scholars (most of them child laborers and victims of child abuse). It has also helped more than 800 families thru its quarterly outreach programs. Aside from this, Kara has also embarked on long-term projects for communities. Click to know more.


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What You Can Do

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Our Mission

Kara David

We live in a world full of contradictions – a world where life can be so bountiful on one side, yet so destitute on the other. The surplus of the fortunate finds great difficulty in filling the empty rice bowl of the impoverished.


Children and their nation’s hope for a better tomorrow are the greatest casualty of them all.


Hence, this is my story — a story of a journalist who has vowed to tell the world the “way it is” and let them discover the way it ought to be. This is a continuing story of how we can continue to help long after the “news reel” has ended. This is a story of malasakit or compassion.


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Kara and her I-witness team for "Alkansya" were nominated in 2013's International Emmy Awards for News and Documentary. Watch "Alkansya" and know how another child's life was changed by malasakit.:

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Our Projects

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Our Scholars

Kristine Padilla, Project Malasakit scholar

There is a misconception that money alone can solve poverty. It is very easy to give out money to the poor. But change can never be truly achieved with dole-outs.


“Magkaiba ang “pagpapa-asa” at “pagbibigay ng pag-asa.”

(To give charity is not the same as to give hope.)  

We do not want to create parasites out of children.

We want to help them help themselves.  

We not only give our children the education they need to lead productive lives; we also give them something more valuable – self worth.

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