Divina, a 15 year old girl who wishes of becoming a teacher.


Divina is a shy but intelligent Mangyan child in Mindoro.


The Mangyan is a tribal minority who live in the mountains. They are very poor and don't have easy access to medicine and education. But Divina is a very persistent, driven young girl. Though she has been laughed at and discriminated several times by her classmates -- they call her "taong-bundok" -- Divina remains strong and continues to study. She dreams of proving to others that Mangyan people can also excel.


Divina is now a 1st yr college student at MINSCAT College. She is supposed to take Education as her course but her average is not enough in order for her to be accepted or have that course. She is currently enrolled in an IT course and hopes to shift in the second semester by maintaining good grades.


We can help her fulfill her dream.


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Divina's life in photo

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  Divina Da-oyan, graduation photo  
Divina Da-oyan, latest photo Divina Da-oyan, Project Malasakit scholar Divina Da-oyan's letter to Kara


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