Tagumpay ng Malasakit (May Tubig na sa Masbate)

These are photos taken from Brgy. Sampad, Balud in Masbate. Masbate is one of the poorest province in the Philippines. In this province, there are still communities who have to dig in the ground just to be able to get water.

The Philippines is surrounded by water and yet there are more than a hundred communities who do not have access to get potable water.

Boy Boy Aceron is only 12 years old. Everyday, he has to help his father in digging a mud well just to get drinking water because the mud well is not cemented the water that they get fromit is usually cloudy and filled with soiled particles. But they have no choice, this is the only kind of water that they could drink.

Boy Boy's parents are farmers. Everyday, they only eat kamoteng kahoy, porridge and salt. Boy Boy's only wish is to have their mud well cemented so that he doesn't have to dig each time his family needs water.

One bag of cement only cost P250 pesos. They only need 15 sacks of cement to make this dream a reality.

One week after airing of the episode of I-Witness, some good souls donated a total of P 8000 pesos for the family. Project Malasakit handled the fund and the money was used to construct a cemented water well. It is a temporary solution but it help the family survive the El Niño season.

Maraming salamat sa inyong Malasakit.

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