Mauwe is a hardworking Aeta child who was featured in iWitness’ “Kawayang Pangarap”. She is 12 years old and is currently in elementary level in a public school in Subic, Zambales.


She is now in Grade 2 at Batiawan Integraded School in Subic, Zambales. She loves to go to school and is very participative in school activities. Unfortunately, there are chances that she has to go absent because she needs to help her father at work. But even if she doesn’t have allowance, she still goes to school and brings a cup of rice as her lunch.


To augment the family income, Mauwe has to work in the mountains. Every weekend, she helps her father carry heavy bamboos from the mountains down to the foot to earn money for their family. Despite her age, she does back-breaking work to feed her family. Being the fourth child of seven siblings, Mauwe understands that she needs to be a responsible daughter and a good sister to her family.


She dreams to become a doctor someday and wishes to have a more comfortable life for her family.


Project Malasakit thanks everyone who took initiative to support Mauwe's dream.

In just a month after the iWitness feature, we have received a total of P93,000.00 in donations. We have informed the father of Mauwe of the amount donated and coordinated with him on how the amount can best serve Mauwe's future and that of her family. It has been decided that the amount will be utilized as follows:

50,000 pesos for livelihood

43,000 pesos for education


Carabao = P8,000.00

Goats = 2-3 @ P2,500.00 each


*A total of 20,000 pesos was allotted for the purchase of the animals. The carabao can help in alleviating the load of heavy bamboos that they used to carry down from the mountains. The remaning P30,000 was used to start a sari-sari store or a retail store for rice ("bigasan").


P43,000.00 is allotted to the elementary education of Mauwe, wherein P 2,000.00 will be sent to her family on a monthly basis to ensure proper monitoring of the utilization of funds.

The family of Mauwe extends their heartfelt THANK YOU!

We are still accepting donations since Mauwe still has a long way to go. With the small amount of P1,000 per month, you could help us shoulder this child's school allowance.


Mauwe's life in photo

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Mauwe Liwanag Mauwe Liwanag Mauwe Liwanag
Mauwe Liwanag Mauwe Liwanag Mauwe Liwanag
Mauwe Liwanag Mauwe Liwanag Mauwe Liwanag


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How can you help?


With just 1,000 pesos ($20) per month, you can help send a poor Filipino child to school, change their lives and give them a decent future  


Elementary and High School

P1,000 per month to cover transportation, food, and school projects


P1,500 per year for tuition, uniform, student “ID”, PTA, etc.  



Tuition varies widely P500-1,000 monthly allowance for food, transportation, etc.  


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