Project Malasakit partners with solar power experts from SPIN project and More

As posted by Kara David at her Facebook page (January 2016) :

"...My Project Malasakit Team went to the mountains of Mindoro to provide free solar energy system to a Mangyan tribe in Sitio Labo. While we were there, a group of Mangyans from another sitio (Sitio Lanon), talked to me and asked if we can also provide them solar panels. Unfortunately, Sitio Lanon is too far and remote. There were only 20 houses and they're isolated from each other. Our solar power consultants felt it might be too difficult to give them light.

I prayed to God for help. This morning, a miracle happened. My sorority sister Catherine Lacar informed me that her Rotary Group in South Australia has 20 solar lighting kits that they want to donate to a poor community in the Phils! The solar kits are portable and do not need to be installed by experts. Perfect for remote isolated communities like Sitio Lanon. Praise God for the miracle of compassion! God truly provides!"

"Salamat po Panginoon!"




The outreach in photo

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Project Malasakit partners with solar power experts from SPIN project to teach the mangyan tribe the basics of solar energy
Providing light to the mangyans

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How can you help?


You may help in our quarterly outreach projects in remote communities.   

You may donate any amount of cash or in kind.


You can send us: - school supplies, - slippers, - clothes, - books, - food supplies, - noodles, - rice, - personal hygiene products, etc. These are the kind of things we bring to our quarterly outreach projects.


You may volunteer in repacking the goods.

We usually have our repacking one week before the scheduled outreach date. Details are posted on Facebook, Twitter and this website. 


You may volunteer in the actual outreach and participate in gift-giving or distribution of goods. 

This is an out of town trip — could be a day trip or an overnight trip depending on location.


Details such as schedule and expenses are usually posted on Facebook, Twitter and this website.


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